What Is The Root Of Hatred Against Jews? – Talk With Matt Beat

Throughout the centuries, hatred toward Jews couldn’t be explained rationally. Some people said that Jews are too detached from the rest of society, and others said that they poisoned their beliefs, but in truth, the more Jews tried to assimilate and disperse among the nations, the more they were hated. Why?

The hatred against Jews exists because, according to the laws of nature, they have to bring the world to the complete and connected state, but they refuse to perform this task.

The Jewish people are the collection of the 70 nations of the ancient world. Thus, consciously or not, they represent all the nations of the world, and the relationship between them defines the relationship between the different ethnic groups.

Today’s world calls out for finding the solution to the fast-growing and overall crisis. This solution is in the nature of the connection between people, and Jews are the ones who possess the key to it. As soon as they maintain unity between them according to the principle “love your neighbor as yourself,” the whole world will follow their example, and the hatred will dissolve and turn into support.

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