The Purpose Of A Kabbalistic Group, Part 9

laitman_544The principle of a Kabbalistic group is a special attitude toward the friends.

Comment: One of the principles of working in a group is valuing each of the friend’s individuality.

My Response: It is necessary to give everyone the opportunity to show their abilities, to help them in this, so that when identifying all the abilities of the friends, we come to the maximum development of a common desire, intention, effort.

Comment: The principle is as follows: Constantly exalt your friends and feel the lowliness of your egoism.

My Response: That is, as an egoist, I must always lower myself in relation to the group, to relate to my friend with an increased desire to help and support them in everything. There are two forces within me, positive and negative. Maximize the positive and minimize the negative.

Comment: Another principle: Try to see the friends in a more corrected state than what my egoism is showing me.

My Response: I should try to see my friends as more corrected than I am. Then I will have a desire to get closer to them, to lower myself before them. My admiration for them will give me the strength to advance.

Question: The next principle: annul yourself before the friends. What exactly needs to be done here?

Answer: This arises naturally in a person. When one works in a group, whether one wants to or not, a person begins to feel lower and lower than the rest. He or she sees strength and goodness in the friends, but not in oneself.

Moreover, we are not saying that this happens on its own, but that a person can annul themself before the friends by one’s own effort. That is, to artificially lower oneself before the friends and to see oneself as worse than them, lower, less advanced. This will give a person the opportunity to raise them, raise the Creator through them, and thus, advance.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/6/20

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