Freedom Of Choice, Part 11

laitman_264.01Humanity Is a Single Organism

Question: Nature has been combining cells for billions of years until they were combined into more complex organisms. We see that it is good. Organisms became more complex, the spectrum of their sensations became much larger than that of the amoeba. Does nature push us to this only at the level of society?

Answer: Yes, only in thoughts and feelings, in the mind and in the heart. If we reach a state where our thoughts and feelings will be in one system, then we will become such a powerful community that rises above all nature, to the level of the Creator, into a state of eternity and perfection.

Comment: On one hand, it is good that we are all different. Nature develops us so that individualism is constantly growing.

My Response: Naturally. This is a template of the Creator, aimed to ensure that we are correct and achieve perfection.

Question: Are we as parts of one organism in which there are kidneys, the liver, and other organs, and all have different functions?

Answer: Absolutely. What we see today in technology, computers, and everywhere else is built on plus or minus.

Question: Does it turn out that the life of the whole organism is more important than the life of any particular organ?

Answer: No, here, on the contrary, the property of integrality is manifested, where each particle, each property, is as important as all the others combined. We do not do anything here, do not sacrifice anything.

Question: So what should we unite around?

Answer: Around one purpose. The ultimate goal is our complete unity. Therefore, we need to constantly shrink more and more among ourselves to achieve it.

And our general condition, when we are united in our heart and mind, is called the Creator. Thus, we will all rise back to our common root. This is the principle and purpose of our development.

Question: Is this freedom of choice?

Answer: The freedom of will is to get to this, not with imposed suffering, but with your personal participation.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/4/19

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