Path To Achieving The Upper Purpose, Part 2

laitman_232.06Cascading of the Upper Forces to Our World

Question: What does sequence of roots that hang down by way of cause and consequence mean?

Answer: There are two states: primary and secondary, cause and consequence. The entire creation is created by such a process of cause and consequence.

We want to reveal creation from the uppermost root, which is the Creator. He is the cause of everything and everything else is His consequence, that is, the gradual cascading of all the laws, qualities to our world, down to each of us. This is the work of the Creator, nature.

The Creator or nature is one and the same, only “nature” is the broader sense of the word, which includes everything.

Question: What does the term “cascading down” mean?

Answer: The Creator is a quality of bestowal, love, and emanation. This is an absolutely good, absolutely complete quality from which emanate all the forces, all the qualities of our world, so that we all are under Him. Therefore, the forces represent the cascading from Him (the Creator) to us.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 8/18/19

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