All Must Join The Movement Toward The Creator

laitman_962.6The entire universe is like concentric circles, starting with the innermost one in which there are people who have received an awakening toward adhesion with the Creator. They understand that it is necessary to connect with each other because only within the common desire, within our connection, can the Creator be revealed; therefore, everything is built on connection.

First, people with the “point in the heart” come to this connection, people yearning for the revelation of the upper force that manifests in the connection. Then there are many more outer circles, layers. Our group is in the very center; it has received a great gift from above: the desire to come closer to the Creator. It is our responsibility to carry out this action and to bring the other circles closer to Him.

The innermost circle must correct itself by annulling its egoism; the other circles do not need to change their nature. Everything depends on the innermost circle, on its feeling its obligation to fulfill its role, the desire given to it for the purpose of creation. Only it has received such a desire, not the others, and therefore, it is obliged to fulfill its mission.

We cannot make claims against other people, other circles, because each circle acts according to the desire awakened in it. So we are obliged to realize our inner desire to attain the Creator, as well as help the more external circles that do not have such a deficiency and link them with the purpose of the whole creation.

These two movements, one directed inwardly and the other one outwardly, are to be carried out at the two upcoming conventions: the convention in the desert and the big convention in Tel Aviv. These two actions depend on each other because our connection must be built with the aim of bringing all of humanity to connection with the Creator.

Therefore, work on internal connection is only a preparation, a result of which we then go out to connect with the entire world, with all people. We do not seek to infect them with our desire. We simply want to show to every circle in Israel and in the world how we act and to awaken them a little. Each circle will act according to the desire awakening in it.

It does not matter that this desire is aimed indirectly at adhesion with the Creator and to achieving equivalence of form with Him. Nevertheless, the Creator awakens crisis in the world, which is felt differently by each circle. Our task is to explain to all the circles how it is possible to rise above the general global crisis according to the special personal desire awakening in each circle.1

Every person, to some extent, should belong to the general motion toward the Creator, and not only those who are studying the wisdom of Kabbalah according to their inner desire. It is enough that people who have no such inner desire will feel the crisis and realize that it is caused by the lack of connection between us and with the upper force. This awareness is already enough to include them in the overall process.

Each circle is obliged, to the extent of its desire, to participate in the connection of all humanity and its connection with the upper force. The task of each and every circle is to realize its natural desire in life and aim it to the connection with other circles and the upper force that controls everyone.

The inner circle performs this task in intention, the outer circle in action, each one according to its desire. Even those who protest and resist also participate in the overall process by doing so, performing certain work, without which it is impossible to achieve the goal. After all, by their resistance, they help to accurately determine the direction to the target.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/12/19, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

1 Minute 1:10
2 Minute 12:30

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