Work In Concentric Circles

Dr. Michael LaitmanUntil the completion of correction (Gmar Tikkun) itself, all of our spiritual work is realized through the environment until this environment and I become one whole. All of these levels are like concentric circles surrounding one central point.

From the outermost circle, from myself, the complete egoist, I first enter into the first circle, into the group, and begin to move into 125 circles deeper and deeper within.

The more that I am included in the group, I come closer to the Creator who is found in its center. The central point is the point of this world, the central point of the world of Infinity. Everything returns to one point, the “black point” of Malchut.

All the states we are studying speak of how much we have connected, circling within the connection, more and more strongly becoming one both qualitatively and quantitatively. In this way the spiritual levels are measured. It is possible to say that I begin from the largest circle and after that I in more and more contracting circles, centering them more and more from the point of view of clarification, connection, and unity, that is, qualitatively.

But it is possible to say that with this I can expand to more external people, to integral education, because the Creator has given me the AHP to work with, which is required for me to advance. And so I do the opposite; I go from the central point into wider and wider circles. It is possible to say this also: accordingly, I go out to wider and wider circles, to the masses, in other words, transforming into a “quantitative increase,” simultaneously with the work with this greater quantity, I contract myself with my knowledge and emotion further and further towards the center, meaning, more qualitatively, closer and closer to a single whole.

Likewise it is possible to say that in this one place I grew upwards in that I become more and more like the Creator. There, in the central point, I find the Creator and transform into being like Him, beginning from one point and growing higher and higher.

It is possible to express this process in different forms, but essentially there is no other work; there are no other realizations and means besides the environment. The environment is the group, the Rav, the books, and the Creator who is hidden within them and becomes our final goal. Otherwise we cannot aim towards Him.

We can never turn towards the Creator if we don’t stabilize Him in the center of the group connection. Everything else will simply be false. And besides this, work with the wider external public is imperative.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/23/13, The Zohar

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