A Bridge Of Love Over An Abyss Of Hatred

laitman_962.6The Arvut (mutual guarantee) is a special connection, the correct connection between broken desires in one man with one heart. It turns out as not just one person, but as if one, as if in one desire. A deep difference remains inside between one and another, the polar oppositeness and hatred do not disappear, but are covered with love. We are building a bridge of love laid over the abyss of hatred. Hatred, combined with love, gives us an understanding and sense of what is called the Creator: a special state, a unique quality, that arises from a combination of incompatible opposites.

Out of the two extremes that deny one another, a force not from this world is born, the light that reforms, which builds a connection between us that lets us understand what the Creator is. As a result of the confrontation of the two forces, love and hate, and their union, a middle line arises, called the Creator.1

The Arvut is the sensation of the shared network we are in. At first, it seems to us that there is no connection between us. But this general system gradually emerges: spiritual steps and worlds. Although we do not feel it now, it exists, and we want to reveal it. As long as I am included in this general system, I can use it and feel confident.

First, I must make an effort to bring the light and unite our ten in a spiritual Partzuf. The light unites us into one creation, into Malchut. Before that, we are not a creation because Malchut is ten points connected together ready to work together. Only together can they meet the Creator.

The general network is the common soul of Adam HaRishon; we are all parts of it. Each person is a particle in this common desire. In fact, we are all connected by mutual guarantee, merged into one soul, filled with the Creator.

Scientists, biologists, say that there is a universal connection in nature: all plants are connected to each other by an invisible underground network, all fish in the ocean and all birds feel each other. We begin to reveal that the world acts as a single system in which we are located and unconsciously comply with its laws. We need to join it consciously, by our own choice, intentionally participating in its control. For this, we are given special human qualities: imagination, thought, desire,  and sensitivity.

This whole system is broken, completely mixed up, and it is revealed to us at its lowest level  called “this world.” We need to begin to disassemble and connect this system together, thus, we will reach the level of the Creator, and build Him.2
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/8/19, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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