We Need A Unity Government!

627.2What should the leadership of the country in the spirit of unity, which is so important now for Israel and for all other countries, look like? Theoretically, everyone wants the people and the government to be one, but in practice, it turns out that each political movement is pulling in its own direction, caring only about positions in the government and money. What should a government that works on the basis of genuine unity look like?

It is said: “As their faces are not the same, so their opinions are not the same.” We are all completely different, and therefore, it is clear that unity cannot initially be achieved directly based on our similarities. Something needs to connect us to each other so that there is a reason to cancel the differences. Like in a family where each parent concedes their own interests for the good of the child.

In the government, it is much more difficult to achieve unification because they do not feel that the country is their common heritage. Everyone understands that today they are in power and tomorrow they will no longer be, and therefore, they do not worry about what they leave after themselves. Their primal concern is to prove themselves right and their opponents wrong. Therefore, the worse it would be for the people and the country under the opposition party’s leadership, the better it would be for the current leader.

It turns out that everyone thinks not about how to improve the country and its people, but how to make it better for themselves, to gain power at any cost. This attitude is exactly the opposite of how it is in the family where we are united by common property, a home, and children that makes us dependent on each other. In government, there is nothing like this; therefore, egoism has the opportunity to roam in full force. There is a much more of a rude, selfish, and deceitful calculation.

I think that no party alone can lead the country. In Israel, there has never been a genuine peace party that works for the genuine unity of its people, its country, prioritizing the people’s interests above its own, and agreeing to give up its respectful position in the government for the people’s good. We are no different from other countries in this.

Therefore, there is no other way to succeed except by creating a government of national unity from those parties that really want unity and are able to give up their interests for its sake. It can be likened to a family life, which is a process of continuous compromise, with each member canceling something of his or her own interests for the sake of the other.

A unity government is bound to include many contrasting forces. It cannot consist of one party because it will pull the whole country and people in one direction, which can never be for the people’s good. We have already seen what distortions the rule of the socialist parties did decades ago. They created a problematic system of healthcare, finance, and trade unions, which still cannot be corrected and balanced with the general system.

Therefore, few strong parties that really differ in their views, not just names and leaders seeking power, should participate in the unity government. A correct, good government should consist of opposing forces that can communicate with each other and extract the correct results from their disagreements at every moment and on any issue.

The unity of the government means that everyone cares about the good of the country. There may be different opinions in the government, heated debates, almost fights, but everyone should understand that only in the spirit of unification can something good be done for the country and the people.

That is why a unity government must include opposing tendencies that are smart enough to know and understand how to move toward unity. It is like in a family where everyone has their own opinion, but for the sake of a common goal, members have to discuss each issue and achieve a solution that is acceptable to everyone. There are compromises here and each person adds to another in the daily work.

We need to immediately highlight the large parties that seek to unite. A small party, pursuing the interests of a small group and separated by religious or ethnic grounds has to be left aside. These parties do not care about the good of the country but about the interests of their small sector. Therefore, they should not be included in the unity government because its primary concern is the good of the whole country. They can exist next to it, expressing the interests of their specific voters. But they cannot determine the leadership of the country, take advantage of the contradictions between large parties, and gain great influence despite the small number of seats. Such bargaining must be disallowed. Everyone should receive the influence that corresponds to the number of voters standing behind them.

The unity government should work only for the good of the country and the people and be ready to serve people and not their own interests and benefits. It will show the people an example of correct behavior in which different people, even those hostile to each other, can rise above all contradictions for the sake of the success of the country, the common property.

The goal of a government consisting of different, opposing forces is the good of the country and the good of the people for which they act together, making mutual compromises. Only with a constant discussion of all problems and adding to each other, do they together achieve the correct answers.
From KabTV’s “New Life#1161–We Need A Unity Government!,” 9/24/19

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