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laitman_587.01We consist of a dark will to receive that depends entirely on the fulfillment it receives. It is the lowliest, most helpless and dependent property, which is unable to do anything by itself; it is only waiting to be fulfilled. If we are made of such matter, we must understand that our advancement, success, and exit from this state is possible only on account of a force opposite to us, foreign to us, the force of bestowal, love, connection, and unity.

But how can we attract this force if we do not have any connection with it? If we remain in our egoistic nature, we are lost. Either we resign ourselves and submit completely to the control of our nature or we demand that the nature opposite to us will work on us and bring us out of this unconscious, dependent, lowliest state.

According to the nature of the will to receive, I only want to satisfy and silence my desire; that is, I am bringing myself to death. Here, the wisdom of Kabbalah comes to our aid, explaining in what form we should yearn for fulfillment, how to change ourselves, how to correctly use our desire—the only thing we have.

Inanimate nature, plants, and animals instinctively obey their desire, but a person is given an opportunity to create a system for analyzing, comprehending, changing, and comparing the desired and actual states. Through the environment, I can receive forces opposite to my own will to receive. Thus, I will be able to reach balance, comparing the two opposite systems.

Therefore, the correction of a person is only possible with the help of prayer. I connect with the force opposite to me and ask it to give me the force of bestowal. Now there are two forces in me, like two lines that will help me build the middle line from them and rise higher and higher above my nature, that is, acquire stronger and stronger faith above reason.

We must concentrate all our abilities and capabilities on this appeal to the upper force. Yet, since we do not feel it and cannot be like it, we need to build a system of shattered egoistic desires that will feel with all its egoism the need to connect with others, as it is written: “Go and earn from each other.” This is why we build a family, a society, a nation, a country, and so on.

Development happens at the expense of a growing unity until this system begins to eat itself up the way it happens in our days. Egoism no longer sees the benefit in connection, having reached the highest possible mark in it. Then egoism wanders, not seeing where to go further. This is the essence of the crisis of our time. It is evident among the young generation that it does not know where to go and what to fulfill itself with. It does not have a need for connection with others; a smartphone is enough.

From this, it is obvious that the old method of connection, which was giving us fulfillment, does not work anymore. Now we need to build a new form of connection not based on receiving benefits at the expense of others, which brought us to a dead end. First comes the recognition of evil, that is, the understanding that it is not possible to correct our condition in the old way. It is necessary to restore the system that existed before the shattering, that is, to bring it back to the corrected state.

All this is achieved only through a prayer, a request, if we understand that there is no way out and there is only one action left: the connection that we can reach only by requesting the force of connection. We recognize the evil of our nature and the good of the opposite to it perfect system, which we do not feel because of our shattering. The difference between these two systems is the difference between the Creator and the created beings.

In order to ask for the force of correction, we ourselves must start building a small, corrected system and it will become clear from it what needs to be requested. So, we come to a small group, to a ten. And from there, we already see what we are lacking in order to connect as one. We do not cancel each other; rather, we complement each other.

This is how the entire ten works, and when we finish assembling this puzzle, we feel the inner force and the life of unity in it, which is the Creator. Therefore, I need to bring myself to the feeling of the ten, to the desire that can be revealed in it, and to find out how much strength we need in order to feel like ten, and not like one, two, or five.

From this aspiration, we will feel the yearning for the upper force of connection called the Creator, the connecting, fulfilling, and sustaining force. All forces are above, and all the requests are below—in our hands. We will not get anything until we request exactly what we should and in the correct quantity and quality. Then indeed, “His seed will be mighty in the land, a generation of upright ones, which shall be blessed.”1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/17/19, Sukkot

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