Family And Marriage, Part 4

laitman_626Different Time—Different Family

Question: On one hand, our constantly developing egoism destroys the family. On the other hand, the destruction of marriage is contrary to the laws of nature. After all, didn’t nature create the family cell as a minimal environment where a person can develop?

Answer: Previously the family was maintained by purely egoistic interests. Today, our nature is destroying it.

Question: From the point of view of Kabbalah, where is everything going?

Answer: To ensure we rise to the next level.

Question: So in the future, will such a cell as the family unit still be preserved?

Answer: Family will be completely different. The main question for it will be: “How do we rise spiritually?”—because for no other reason can I shoulder this overwhelming burden, endure another person next to me, constantly take care of him or her and the children.

I am ready to pay for my “youthful sins” that I “created” a couple of children, but nothing more. However, this is not a family. In order to save the family, I need some higher value than children. No one will live for the sake of children. If today there are still such people, then in one or two generations they will all disappear.

Question: Speaking in Kabbalistic language, without the goal of revealing the Creator, family cannot exist? Will people just have no motivation to live together? In addition, wouldn’t technology be at such a level that the need for family will disappear?

Answer: In all cases, from every side, we will come to the conclusion that a person will have no need for someone else, even physiologically, because we are moving toward unisex, anything and everything, but not to create a family.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/1/19

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