Where Do You Get Energy For Spiritual Efforts?

624.02Question: Where do Kabbalists get energy for spiritual exertion?

Answer: Only from the Creator!

You want to have energy, to be healthy, to work in spiritually, no problem! You will get everything! As much energy as you want!

Just let the energy flow from above so that you can perform the right spiritual actions of drawing closer to others and advancing toward the property of love and bestowal. Then you will have an infinite amount of energy.

This is not the kind of energy required by our brain or body to perform some kind of movement. It is a completely different kind of energy. It is all around us, endlessly spreading through the spiritual universe in unlimited ways.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/14/18

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  1. Sometimes its enough (negative) energy when Bernard henri Levy makes me angry,

    then after a short time, i am back in studying for spirituel truth.

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