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The idea of globalism is dying and people see no alternative. Globalism meant comfort and order. The destruction of globalism means the loss of life orientations. Therefore, the globalist fake consciousness will disappear only with the manifestation of a new stage of development
“Last Generation Society.”

In everything that happens to us and in the world, what the egoistic mind and heart paint to us, we must see an invitation to remove the Creator’s concealment. We exalt Him, meaning, with our efforts we wish to reveal the governance of the upper force, besides which there is nothing.

We try to assert the authority of the Creator despite His complete concealment from the mind and the sensations of the heart. But we make efforts to discern His governance, as if we are peering through fog or darkness—in order to see that it is the Creator who forms each state
…. and desire in me.

If we relate everything to a single upper governance and the Creator’s reign over all events, then we form for ourselves the correct picture of the (spiritual) world. With each such clarification, the (spiritual) world manifests itself more and more clearly …
… acquiring its own form—qualities.

It’s necessary to understand that our perception keeps us in an extremely limited world in which there are only three axes of coordinates and one more—the axis of time. But the spiritual world is built differently: there are thousands of dimensions in it …
… and those that are outside (above) time.

All sins are committed not during descent, but during ascent—depending on how one uses it. You need to stock up on the connection forces—with the group and in the group; gather them not in yourself, but in the group. Prepare yourself during the ascent ….
…. and then you’ll accept the descent with joy, toward the next ascent!

The ten is a mini-model of all creation that includes everything!
If we develop the greatness of the Creator in the ten, then it becomes everything, contains the entire universe.
The greatness of the Creator is the key to transform the ten from an inanimate creation into a living being ADAM. The ten becomes the Creator-like soul.

“The Creator made them tremble before Him”: Every condition felt as a bad one is necessary to force a person to ascend further by way of the Creator’s greatness; otherwise, the heart does not submit. These states bring one to the Creator to open his heart and eyes …
….to receive the Creator’s greatness.

If we, by our efforts, seek through the ten for the Creator’s greatness, we receive a place for His greatness, which we call the Soul. It is in the Creator’s greatness that we build instead of egoism that overshadows Him, where we build His image, as it is written: You create Me.

How can we move from a limited perception of space to an unlimited one in order to reveal the Creator and the vast spiritual world in it? If I feel only myself—it is like being a bug, crawling on the surface, not feeling the height. Through the group, feeling the group …
… I feel the height, the N-dimensional reality.

In spiritual work, a person thinks only about applying himself: not about the reward. And since one isn’t tied to oneself, there’s no room for obstacles. There’s no place for descent, but only ascent, as in the steps.
After all, your interest is not in the outcome, but the action itself, which delights the Creator.

A person’s main job is to raise the Creator’s greatness. After all, only the created being decides whether the Creator exists, and the degree of His greatness. For this work, the Creator is concealed from the creature.
And the creature must, contrary to and above the concealment, identify the Creator as the source of everything that happens in and outside of him.

While we act from selfish considerations, wanting to avoid unpleasant feelings, we are looking for the Creator. From the moment of awakening, you must connect yourself with the Creator and take care to keep this connection for 24 hours.
Such exercises will help one begin to feel a higher dimension.

Any of our efforts to establish the Creator’s governance who controls every situation, allows us to reveal spiritual dimensions. The Creator confuses us, deprives of strength, sends fears and troubles—but this is help, a way to stir us up …
… make us look for a way to rise above our condition.

The most important thing is to increase the Creator’s significance. In the measure of His importance, we rise to a new reality, to the spiritual world. This is determined by how important the Creator is of all the events that He intentionally sends us in the form of problems.
One must rise above them and prefer a connection with the Creator.

Only the worker for bestowal ascends to the Creator; no matter what he feels in his work, even darkness, he only asks the strength to overcome all obstacles. Therefore, a person receives a state of darkness from above in order to see if his work is selfless.
If while in darkness he is in joy, then he works for the sake of the Creator.

The Creator conceals Himself under our desire to receive pleasure. We must retrieve His power from concealment by declaring that He is the only cause of all. So we construct Him, as it is written: “You created Me.” Through all the concealments ….
…. we reveal that the Creator is the only active force.

Although I don’t feel the Creator yet, but I already have a connection with Him through the ten. This isn’t a good connection yet, for it is selfish on my part, so I don’t hear the voice of the Creator. But the connection exists, and I must trust that the Creator can hear me.
After all, He brought me to the group and instructed me to choose it as the means to connect to Him.

It doesn’t matter to the Creator whether you judge or bless Him. What matters is that you don’t forget Him. If you do, considering that He is the cause of all the events of your life, you’re moving toward the goal, toward Him.
Even if the feelings are nasty, you understand that it is necessary so that you keep striving toward the goal.

The deeper we are able to cancel our egoism, the higher we ascend and acquire the Creator’s attributes, His program, and succeed in this work more, all according to the measure of our self-cancellation as we ascend on the ladder of attainment and adhesion.

When a person is in a low state, feels distant from the Creator, has no desire to do the work—it is the Creator showing him the opposite spiritual side; there is no taste; I want to escape. The Creator’s Face is His desire to delight.
This is done intentionally, to push a person toward adhesion. It turns out that the Face of the Creator is in the opposite state.

If we want to enhance the Creator’s greatness, despite any arguments of the mind and feelings, and perceive everything as a call to get to know the Creator and come closer to Him—we enter the spiritual reality, the upper world, the Creator’s world revealed in all our sensations.

Even if we do not yet feel that everything emanates from the Creator, by our efforts to feel it we remove Him from concealment, causing His revelation. We are only required to perform a full measure of effort(se’ah).

It seems to us that in our world we are in the grip of time, which is always lacking. But in reality, I must at this instant achieve adhesion with the Creator forever and not think about the time in order for it to disappear!

Our whole life is tied to time, but if I think of the Creator, time disappears. If I decide that all my sensations come from the Creator, who is absolutely good and does good, in order to advance me to merge with Him—I come to adhesion and time disappears.

Time is a change of states organized by the Creator for me: if one state was replaced by another, then time has passed.
But if I take all my changes to one Source and adhere to Him, then I rise above time.
From Twitter, 2/10/19

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