Happy Holiday Of Spiritual Conception!

laitman_293.1The deeper we delve into explaining the holiday of Hanukkah, the more we are convinced that it contains the entire path, all events, and all states that one who wishes to reveal the spiritual world, the upper force, goes through.

It might seem like some ancient story that has turned into a folk or children’s holiday: lighting candles, eating sweet donuts…

However, in reality, Hanukkah contains the entire struggle of a person as he breaks out of this world, upward. He overcomes all of the obstacles that the Creator places in front of him in order to reveal, above them, the upper world, his eternal and perfect state, the “advantage of Light from the darkness.”

It becomes revealed precisely against the transient, imperfect states that come to us in times of great calamities and wars, the realization of human egoistic nature.

Discernments, discernments, discernments… through all the states that we are destined to undergo. No one treading this path can circumvent or skip any discernment or obstacle; one has to go through them one after another. No one will receive more or less work than the others—each person might have his own accents and measures, but in reality, every one of us goes through every step on this path.

Not only are we all parts of one body, but through the breaking we have also become included in one another and every person is inside everyone. Once, before the breaking, the reciprocal penetration was there only among the bestowing desires.

However, after Adam HaRishon’s downfall of sin, the receiving and bestowing desires intermixed with each other, along with the upper Light that had filled them at the time of the breakage. As a result, every state includes all the others, and only becomes discerned through the lack of correction. Therefore, every person has to go through all of the states.

The quality of bestowal, Bina, must become revealed during Hanukkah. It explains all of our characters to us, our path, the person’s exit from revealing this world to revealing the upper world that shows him what he must separate from and become free of, what he must distance himself from and what he must come closer to, cleave to, connect to, and in what forms.

This is all contained in the holiday of Hanukkah, in the corrections that we have to go through. We could call it “the holiday of spiritual conception and nursing,” that is, a small state for now. Yet it’s already a spiritual state: Even though a person still can’t use them practically, he is already gaining the understanding and forces that belong to the upper, spiritual world.

He enters the degree of Bina, and that is the entrance to the Garden of Eden! Starting from this stage and on, he builds himself in equivalence with the Creator. Before the holiday of Hanukkah, he was only correcting himself in order to rise above his egoism, to become free from it, and separate from it. By reading articles about Hanukkah, we strive to check, discern, and understand the conditions that allow us to acquire the quality of bestowal, Bina.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/15/17, “Lesson on the Topic: Hanukkah According to Kabbalah”

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