Find The Center Of The Group

laitman_933Rabash, “Love of Friends – 2”: Hence, the primary basis upon which the building of sanctity can be erected is the rule of “Love thy friend.” By that, one can acquire the need to bestow contentment upon the Creator. After that, there can be fear, meaning fear of perhaps not being able to give contentment to the Creator. When actually past that gate of fear, he can come to faith, because faith is the vessel for instilling Divinity, as it is explained in several places

Question: Why is fear a commandment but faith and love for one’s neighbor are not?

Answer: Fear is an awakening from below, which is extremely necessary. Faith by itself is the quality of bestowal. However, I would not focus on these three conditions. The most important thing is to find the center of the group.

The center of the group is the point where everyone annuls himself. This is a definition of an embryo, its attachment to the upper Partzuf. In other words, there is a next degree above you and you need to find the center of the group from which you ascend. Through this center you receive the Light that comes to you as if through capillaries.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 4/12/18

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