Don’t Cut Yourself Off From The Creator

laitman_571.06Question: What does it mean to relate a thought or situation to the Creator? Is it possible to give an example of how to make this internal action?

Answer: To begin with, at least think that everything that happens to you at each moment in the head and in the heart, in the mind and desire, comes from the Creator. You just feel His thoughts, His desires.

Do not attribute all your thoughts and desires, whatever they may be, to yourself,  but only to Him. You will then see how much your attitude to these desires and thoughts changes, how they change by themselves and how the world changes through them. This is very interesting.

Naturally, you will constantly forget about Him, you will cut yourself off from the Creator. You cannot feel completely controlled by Him. Only when you connect everything to the Creator and acknowledge that all your thoughts and desires come from Him are you considered as a created being. Otherwise you do not exist!

Question: Does it mean that when I reach the state that I am completely not free I am considered as a created being?

Answer: Yes. There is no other state. This complete flow in the thoughts and desires from the Creator erases a person from the system.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/17/18

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