What Is The Difference Between Fear And The Desire To Bestow?

laitman_237Question: Rabash writes that fear before the Creator arises when a person is afraid that he will be unable to bring contentment to Him. What is the difference between the fear before the Creator and the desire to bestow?

Answer: The desire to bestow is what I already have and I can use it.

It is unclear where it came from because there is no such desire in our world. If we give something to someone, it is a hidden reception, not bestowal. For example, a mother who takes care of her child in fact does not bestow to him, because he provides her with such fulfillment that she is prepared to do anything for him. This is not so in the spiritual world.

In the spiritual world, under the influence of the upper Light, we receive the true quality of bestowal and begin to feel pleasure in bestowing, exiting ourselves, and rising above ourselves. At first, it is egoistic: I feel good because I rise above myself, bestow, feel pleasure, and unconsciously work for the sake of it, but I strive for bestowal.

This is not yet an exit from egoism but already an intermediate state when I begin to appreciate the action of bestowal because it brings me certain dividends.

Question: The next degree is fear. If I tremble before the Creator and want to bestow to Him, why is this not the final stage yet?

Answer: It is not a complete desire because it is an intention. The intention should be connected with the desire and then realized. Fear alone is not enough here, it is necessary to reveal clear desires that can work with fear before the Creator.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 4/12/18

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