Rejoicing In The Flaws

laitman_278_03When I see a flaw in something, I rejoice in it. After all, this is a sign that I have made a correction and therefore I discover a new flaw. That is, I am happy about my previous corrected state.

I am also happy in the present state because now I have an opportunity to make a correction and to enjoy this. It turns out that in the past, present, and future, at all times and in all states, I am joyful.

Perfection is built above knowledge, above sensation. Within the sensations, I feel troubles and problems, but above the sensations—scrutinizing why, from where, and for what reason they are coming—I rejoice. These are two different levels.

Everything comes from a great system that reveals problems and troubles to me according to my ability, and I have to correct my attitude toward them. This system exists in front of me. When corruptions are revealed to me, it is a sign that I need to make a correction because there is nothing to correct except my attitude.

From the moment I see the corruption, I begin to think about where it came from, who sent it, and for what purpose. Then I work on it and correct it. I am happy the entire time. I am under the constant care of the upper force that builds my soul. I just need to try and cling to the actions of the Creator regardless of whether they seem bad or good to me.

I have to remember where the problems come from, but not follow them in knowledge (that is, in the sensations that they awaken in me). Instead, I remain one level above them, understanding that everything is done for my benefit. I want to cling to the one who gave me the blow and kiss the hand that hit me. Thus, I want to cling to the Creator above the blows. If I succeed, I detach myself from the corporeal level and exist in adhesion with the spiritual level above the corporeal world.1

I rejoice at the revealed deficiencies, because they existed previously but were concealed, allowing me to think that I am perfect. Yet, when a deficiency is revealed, it is a salvation, because a person is given an opportunity to correct what he is capable of correcting. Therefore, I welcome all the problems and troubles that the Creator brings upon me. After all, the Creator sends them only for the sake of correction. He never punishes us.

The Creator Himself admits that He created the evil inclination. All our problems come only from that egoism. Therefore, there is no flaw that belongs to me personally. My only fault is that I did not fulfill what I could fulfill—this is my entire crime.

All problems exist only in order for me to correct my attitude toward them, declaring that they come from the Creator and being grateful to Him for them. Nothing else is needed. All corrections are made internally, by a change of attitude. It is necessary to come to a state where the whole world will show me where I have to correct my mindset a little, and everything will be fine.

Material actions are just child’s play. The true actions are our attitude to the actions of the Creator upon us. This is called the Creator’s work.2

Joy is expressed in the fact that according to the sensation in my desire to enjoy, I am in trouble, but according to the sensation in faith (in the acquired desire to bestow), I am in an ascent. The gap between one and the other gives me joy. Without the blow to the desire to enjoy, I would not acquire a new desire to bestow.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson on 5/17/18, Shamati, Article 40, “Faith in the Rav, What Is the Measure
1 Minute 28:35
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