The Work In Between

Laitman_200.01All the main work is not at the conventions but in between them. And every day can be like a convention, like a big ascent or descent—everything accumulates together.

Every day has to be like a new beginning, and even several times a day. We do not have to wait until the previous degree disappears from our feelings. Although, in any case, it is registered for eternity as already corrected by us because we have advanced few steps forward and have achieved a new connection in both quantity and quality. But then this state disappears so that we continue our work further.

The concealment can be caused by two reasons: either we simply allowed the achieved state to disappear or we started to engage in a new kind of connection, in new goals, and therefore the previous degree has already exhausted itself.1

The upcoming convention in Italy is special in a sense that it will bring together many different groups that belong to the united European group. This is the real shattered Babylon that we need to unite.

Europe is the center of all modern civilization, the place that has greatly influenced the history of humanity. Therefore, we must try to unite above all the differences this whole Babylon, which has as if moved from
Mesopotamia to Europe.

With today’s European nations and modern conditions, an entirely new kind of work is required in both quality and quantity. We need to overcome such difficulties as different languages and cultures. Europe is like a miniature world.2

No matter what state we are in, either greatness or smallness, our concern should be only to never leave our root. There is no need to try to keep the same type of connection and even the same intensity—let them change and disappear. The most important thing is to keep the connection itself, hold on to the same Creator, to the same principle: “There is none else besides Him.” It is in relation to Him that we want to renew our unity by reaching a new state, a new deficiency.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/9/18, Lesson on the topic of “Continuing the Congress With an Ascent”
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3 Minute 62:00

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