laitman_254.01The holiday of Shavuot is not just a date on the calendar—it is a spiritual state. That is why everything depends on whether or not we achieve this state of the giving of the Torah. To do this, we must unite, connect with each other, become as one man with one heart, and stand at the foot of the mountain; in other words, we must understand that we were given very important conditions upon which we must work with ever increasing diligence and unity.

Only by constantly increasing our connection will we climb the mountain ever higher. To rise means to continually increase our connection above all problems, difficulties, and disturbances that the Creator places before us on our path in order to help us connect more and more, and to create a vessel in which the Light of NRNHY will gradually be revealed.1

The connection must be spiritual. However, at that point, tremendous egoism is revealed, real armor, and at the same time, an intention to bestow. To the degree that we unite among each other and with the Creator, we convert the power of each person’s egoism into thick armor. By itself, it is a terrible thing without a drop of goodness, but through unifying means, we bring it the force of vitality, the force of the Light, and it turns into armor against the evil powers.

This is how we convert the evil force into a force of good. These two forces stand against each other. The entire thickness of the egoistic armor is our initial evil inclination above which we build an intention to bestow, bestowal for the sake of bestowal. We unite between us in mutual bestowal and thanks to this, the individual egos of each one of us unite and turn into a resisting power, into defense.

The enemies provide us with this armor, forcing us to turn to the Creator for the strength to unite, and that is why they work to our advantage. If we know how to utilize this correctly, then thanks to it we will achieve restriction, a defensive screen, and reflected Light, by building our own Kli.

The spiritual vessel is built specifically on the basis of tremendous egoism being revealed in each of us. We unite above these egoistic, distant, disconnected desires that hate each other. We do not want to use them in this manner, but we unite through the means of a screen, connecting all these desires to the single upper source, to the Creator.

Below is the pit with writhing snakes—our Malchut. Yet, we do not use this egoism in the usual manner, but only in order to bestow to the Creator, and that is why we unite. Thus, above us appears a screen, and all the snakes’ venom is turned from poison to medicine. It all depends only on how it is used.2
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/14/18, Lesson on the Topic: “Shavuot”
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2 Minute 1:28:00

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