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Managed by the Light, I will soon manage the Light,
Reflected by the screen
Of good intentions

#Israel is aspiration to the Creator
It started out in Babylon, but everyone will finish this way
That is the Creator’s plan

Exit from “Egyptian” to altruistic relations is “exodus from Egypt” to the next degree of development—”love your neighbor as yourself”, when in absolute union between them, each person is ready to give anything to preserve that unity—this is the “nation of #Israel

In our world of actions we build the right connections,
We remove the actions
And we get the upper world.

Doing good to another as I understand it is my egoism.
Doing good to another as he understands it is his egoism
Doing good to another as the Creator understands it is faith!

In order to construct an authentic State of Israel, we first need to reinstate the values that originally united us as a Jewish people.
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From Twitter, 4/5/18

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