A Group Is The Platform For Discovering The Creator

laitman_938.03Question: How can I identify the work of the Creator in relation to me? Is it directly or through the people around me?

Answer: It is only through a group because this power is not manifested directly anywhere. Exactly as electricity must manifest through something like an electric motor, electromagnet, electrical wires, etc., it is also so with the Creator, the power of bestowal. But what, to whom, and how does one bestow? For this there is a need for material within which He will manifest.

Therefore we construct a group in which we can identify, discover, and measure Him.

Question: For example, if someone wins the lottery, this would mean that a particular force was working so that he won. What is the connection here to a group? Is the Creator the one who is bestowing to him like this?

Answer: You can certainly say that the Creator did this, but you cannot determine or define or discover Him. We are talking about how to reveal Him!

Question: So I can’t say that I can determine in my feelings that He is the one who sent me a million dollars?

Answer: It is not just in sensation. You must reveal Him in everything, in feeling and in the mind, and fully determine all His parameters, all of His attitudes, and yours.

Question: Is this possible only through a society?

Answer: It requires some platform, a base, in which He can manifest and you will be able to investigate and learn about Him. It is like every science. Every force in our world must be discovered so that it can be demonstrated to us.

Question: In what manner is the Creator revealed through the society?

Answer: In senses and emotions. To the degree of the closeness between us, we begin to feel Him. And after that it is already possible to measure how He works in contrast to these egoistic characteristics, how we can transcend the ego, gather together, and in this way determine His quantity and quality.

What this means is that we will discover a force that exists in our world but which is different than the forces that we are aware of. It needs a unique substance in order to be revealed. Even when the Creator acts through a society, you don’t see Him. You can just create a society with a characteristic that is like His.

Where else can you make it so egoistic particles will connect altruistically, exactly as in the nature of the Creator? If egoistic people will want to connect altruistically, then they will create conditions between them in which the Creator will be revealed. This is an absolutely precise law of equivalence of characteristics that exists all over the world and in all conditions, on all levels of the science.

Question: How is the Creator felt? Is it as warmth? Is it as cold? Is it in the form of friendship, love?

Answer: Everything depends on the manner in which you discover Him. It is just like electricity can cool, warm, illuminate, and so forth. The range of sensations does not depend on strength, but on the manner in which you use it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/19/17

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