The World Is Improving

laitman_202.0Researchers of the project “Our World In Data,” backed by numbers in their hands, ascertain that there have been significant improvements in the world over the last two hundred years. For example, at the beginning of the 19th century over 94% of the world population were destitute, while today this number is 9.6% (

One in ten people over the age of 15 could read, while today 85% of the people are literate. Two hundred years ago 43% of newborn babies made it to their fifth birthday, today the world child mortality rate is down to 4%.

Indeed, we have learned to take care of our bodies and we achieve great success in doing so. But what is happening to the body is not quite what is happening to the person.

Before people used to fight for daily survival and seldom questioned its meaning. Today when developed countries are practically guaranteeing everyone their basic necessities, the question arises: “What is the meaning of my life?

There is no answer.

With time, some people become really bothered with this question. No matter how much we try to escape it or mask it, the emptiness remains. Behind it there is not just a simple obscurity, but a problem for all of humanity: the absence of the meaning of its very foundation.

That is why, even though life becomes easier, it also becomes harder. Subconsciously we carry this burden of unspoken truth inside us, the blunder in the foundation of our consciousness.

We can certainly brag about our statistical indicators, but in reality we are becoming lonelier, even in our families, we interact with each other less and less. There’s a vacuum around each person. Instead of common happiness and prosperity, we are wandering in the dark among the shadows. As we prosper materially, we become indigent spiritually.

That is why people stopped believing in a better future, despite the increased standard of living. No wonder the percentage of optimists fell below ten percent in some places.

Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that the reason for it is the lack of meaning. But at a certain point this question will become paramount for everyone: “What is this all for? What am I for?” Then people will hear what the science of Kabbalah, which studies the higher level of the system of governance, says. There is no other answer, everything else is just a runaround and postponement.

So the question of the meaningless of life and lack of its goal leads us to the real revelation and ascent. When we penetrate the view of the upper system and start to consciously interact with it, our lives will truly become productive. We will actively participate in our own development, and from an unfortunate, lonely, small people, we will grow into a great, eternal, perfect creatures.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/30/18

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