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In a society freed from the cyclical chase for material acquisition, we would invest a large portion of our time on a daily basis, investigating, exercising, and developing the sense of the natural human #connection that binds us together. #UBI #BIEN

We attain the world by comparing opposites, one against the other. We sense shifts between qualities, and not any of them separately.
The Creator is the quality of complete bestowal, but we cannot sense Him unless we’re the opposite. This is why we need the ego!

Any #soul is always greater and wider than the one that’s loved.
(Rav Kook, Orot HaKodesh 4)
Don’t forget about that…
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

The method of the world’s correction comes down to correcting egoism, man’s #evil nature. The Creator is revealed in the corrected #egoism. The method of correcting egoism and revealing the Creator is called #Kabbalah.
(Baal HaSulam. Preface to The Book of #Zohar) #Antisemitism

Don’t be surprised that I mix up the notions of #peace in #society and the #world, since the whole world is one society. Every person sustaining himself at the expense of all mankind is thus obligated to serve and care for the whole world. (Baal HaSulam. #Peace in the World)

Any quality, whether good or bad, and even the worst, most harmful one, has a right to exist. We cannot eradicate or erase it. Instead, we must only correct it and return it to #goodness. (Baal HaSulam, “#Peace in the World”) #quoteoftheday #consciousness
#Reality_ML #Kabbalah

Realization of evil: Before entering the spiritual world, a person goes through 7 years of famine, hardening of the heart. He sees that he’s drowning in his egoism and will never come out of it. And it’s true, since the will to enjoy is our only nature.
#Passover #Kabbalah

The Creator’s struggle with #Pharaoh isn’t to defeat Pharaoh, the force of the ego, which the #Creator Himself created and controls, but for man to combine these two forces within him in the middle line so as to build within the structure of #ADAM.

Our perception is built on reception, absorption. Kabbalah study, work in the group, Light, lead to a reverse perception of the world in the Light of bestowal. I understand that I was locked in the egoistic desire. It’s an illusion enabling us to enter the upper world by exerting

#Ego #Egoist
Work above the ego means acting against one’s rational logic, against desire, i.e., loving and bestowing. In my knowledge, heart, and mind, I hate and reject, while above reason—I love and bring closer. This is possible only with the help of the upper Light OM (Ohr Makif). #divinity

The ego is our nature. Removing it strips us of #life’s foundation. But replacing the #ego for bestowal makes unbounded #fulfillment possible. For only the intention changes, and all the actions remain—and receive, with the intention to “bestow,” i.e., for the benefit of others!

#Dying is no problem. Cursing life is no problem. #Suffering from #life is no problem, and additionally, being proud of one’s suffering. The problem is changing one’s life—to do so, one must change oneself… #selfhelp
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah #Freedomofchoice_ML

A distinguishing mark of any #evil is self-love, called #ego. It is opposite to the Creator’s qualities, who has no desire to receive for Himself, but only the desire to give. (Baal HaSulam, The Essence of #Religion and Its Purpose)

Man is created not to amass wealth. He must ask for love for studying #wisdom and obtaining #faith. The Creator shall let his heart see, and shall infuse him with spirit—and he shall become the Maker’s beloved in this #life. (Baal HaSulam, Foreword to Panim Meirot, para 10)

Our evolutionary social development pushes us to utilize our wiring for human connection, to distill it through constant work on our relationships, and evolve to a new social reality. #UBI #basicincome #employment #unemployment #BIEN #ToysRUs

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