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My latest in @newsmax .. lurking beneath the façade that #technology will eventually solve most of our problems and make our lives better, are discoveries showing how these new “solutions” are actually detrimental to our well-being ..
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Now my egoism, my beloved Pharaoh, proclaims, “I will rule!” But I have to put the Creator in his stead so He will rule everything. This is the aim of all my efforts – and the group can help me replace #Pharaoh with the Creator wherever #egoism rules. #Passover

The Creator wants us to need Him, to feel that we are unable to act in thought or desire. He confuses us, setting up problems, so we won’t be able to cope without Him, will search for Him and ask. When we turn to Him with a plea, He becomes revealed to us.

How does a Kabbalist perceive others? There are no “others”. There’s no one at all. I am ADAM existing alone with the Creator
Isn’t that boring? No. Everything is inside me. To this extent I manage the world & united with the Creator: “One accepts one”

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Evil is cognized by a person who calls himself a villain or egoist. He is aware of the evil inside him to the extent that he is already righteous. When a person feels that he is a #sinner, to that extent he is already #righteous.

As long as I identify with egoism, I feel the blows it receives as mine. But as soon as I stop feeling egoism as mine, I stop feeling the blows it receives. #Egoism then appears as an animal that’s by my side, and I’m human, above it. #consciousness

The #soul is the desire to fulfill the Creator, through the desire to do good to others, a desire opposite to our #egoism. Instead of the calculation, “What can I get from others?” it’s “How can I fulfill others?” The reward is the soul, #eternal connection with the Creator!

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Kabbalah warns: if we try to build #relationships by material, egoistic laws, even “fair” ones, by the principle “mine is mine, yours is yours”, we elicit even greater evil because correction of #evil requires its awareness.

#Spiritualwork_ML #Solutiontocrisis
All our actions bring either correction or harm. Even a moment of being idle is time that you did not use for correction, and that means you caused destruction! Therefore, we must always be burning with desire for all-around #unity.

#Zohar, Dvarim, 32: The sons of Ishmael shall possess the Holy Land when it will be empty for many years. They will hinder the sons of Israel’s return. Rabbi Ishmael (1st CBC): He is called Ishma-el (God will hear), as God will hear the laments of His people from the Ishmaelites

Escaping the #ego-Egypt-Pharaoh toward Israel-Creator happens via the long path, through the desert and the Red (end) sea. Long because it’s distant to the heart and mind in terms of self-calculations. Through this path one escapes the ego and can no longer return to it.
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