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#Kabbalah is no more and no less than the order of upper roots descending one by one according to permanent, absolute laws, pursuing, uniting and attaining the one upper goal, “To reveal the Creator to the creatures in this world.”
Baal HaSulam #consciousliving

The #commandments of the #Torah are laws and rules of the upper world, which are, in turn, roots of the laws of our world. Therefore, the laws of Torah are always and in every way similar to the laws of our world.
Baal HaSulam

It is pointless to conceal the chasms between us—they are necessary in order to engage the equivalent, positive force of unity and love.
#MotivationMonday #success

Events in the world will change if #humanity changes. All options of development are in front of us at every given moment:
– slightly toward good—the world becomes kinder
– slightly toward evil—crueler.
Everything depends on #man’s free choice.

Trump demonstrates a business-like pragmatism, aiming for the results he believes are good for America, while caring a lot less about what spectators understand when he positions himself to make a deal.
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From Twitter, 3/12/18

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