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There is a #Pesach custom to discuss #exodus from exile and imagine that we are coming out of Egypt – egoism dividing us.
It’s because when we talk about the exile, we grow the sense of exile inside us and gather up forces for our future #redemption from it.

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Before redemption from Egyptian slavery, the nation was on the lowest, 49th degree of egoism. The Creator was then revealed & freed them.
Before revealing the Creator, they thought other forces exist too.
But the redemption exposed that there is only He.

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Remember what Amalek did to you during exodus from Egypt. #Amalek is man’s egoism. It is exposed when man strives to become free from its rule, wishing to escape to spiritual work, unity. #Egoism then appears and obstructs namely this aspiration!

#SpiritualWork_ML #Pesach
Remember how you were a slave in Egypt, because in spiritual ascent one must study the previous descent. In descent, one’s perception is flawed and one thinks only of improving his lot.
Only in ascent can one make use of the past descent.

Desires are made by the Creator and there are no new ones. But man’s awareness determines how much he discerns/connects them. In descent, he reveals exile, Egypt, and according to the depth of this awareness, he can attain #redemption, exodus from Egypt.

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#Mount Sinai – mountain of #hatred
Because hatred was born:
1 In non-attaining the spiritual world – to the Torah, a means of spiritual ascension
2 To #ego – in the heart of the aspiring to the goal of creation
3 To the Torah as Light that Reforms

It is impossible to change the selfish nature of man, although crises will reveal to us how tightly all of us are interconnected, & therefore must unite to observe the rule “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The solution is in the help of the correcting light O’M! [Ohr Makif]

In the days of #ARI great resistance was raised against him, they didn’t believe in his spiritual attainment (written in his own works) only generations later his works were accepted & they began talking about his spiritual attainments Likutei #Alahot Birkat Rai 4

Creation of the soul: To restrict one’s desires & mind to a point and cling to the Creator. In all obstacles, arising in mind & desire cling to Him. From points of adhesion create body of the #soul. Gradually begin to understand the plan of the #Creator #Wisdom

#Spiritual work_ML
#Holy #books are written by those in holiness i.e., in bestowal, love, similar to & in attainment of the #Creator. If one writes from a sensation of the Creator, out of a desire to bring good to everyone, from love of others as for oneself—such work is holy.

From Twitter, 3/10/18

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