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One who reads a holy book describing actions of bestowal, understands to the degree he rises above egoism, becoming similar to the upper world; he reads it as medicine from adversity, studies for knowledge, studies in a group- to be reformed by the upper light.

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# SpiritualWork_ML
The Torah, the method of raising man to the level of the Creator, has 3 parts:
1 Weakening (Tushiya)
2 Correcting the ego (Tavlin)
3 Fulfilling—Light of Torah
1&2 -preparation for receiving Torah, correction of man’s nature
3 -Torah coming from the Creator

It says: The Creator’s face is in those who do #evil
Those wishing to follow the Creator’s path see that they always do evil, so they ask Him and do everything so He’ll help them leave evil, with His Light. “The Creator’s face is in those who do evil” in order to correct them!

#Evil is evil if that’s how one feels it
The size of evil depends on the hurdle of attaining good
If one values correction he feels evil in the hurdles of correction
Thus, one feels evil if he values spirituality
Evil begets hate for egoism—a hurdle against love for the Creator

#SpiritualWork_ML #Pesach
When one began studying, he enjoyed work in #egoism
Then a descent comes from above so one feels exile from #spirituality in egoism’s rule, &
asks for redemption.
If one can’t bestow, he suffers, wishing to give & love, and asks to be freed of egoism.

When exiting Egypt, they received intention to bestow, Light of Hassadim.
At the Red Sea, the Light of Hochma shone.
Receiving Torah below = “We will do and hear.”
The miracle is from above &Torah is from below, given to people at their request (not in the sky)

The commandment of telling about the exodus from Egypt. To awaken the root of redemption from egoism and entrance into the spiritual world. All the following degrees come from this one. This degree awakens all upper degrees. Thus, it’s enough to eat Matza only on Pesach.

Updates in man start with exit from Egypt, egoism’s/Pharaoh’s rule. Until then, he doesn’t understand what Torah talks about since he’s ruled by egoism and can’t be ruled by/understand the Creator. By coming out of Egypt, man can receive Torah & work for the Creator.

The need for Torah, the tool to correct egoism, arises when one discovers he’s an egoist and egoism is evil! Until then, he doesn’t study Torah, the method of egoism’s correction, to attain “From love of man to love of the Creator,” but knowledge –Hochma BaGoyim Taamin.

Rabash said: #Matza Shmura (guarded) indicates that one must be guarded and detach from egoism when performing spiritual acts, acts of correcting egoism. If we don’t know how to guard ourselves from #egoism, we replace the main aspect of Torah with a secondary one…!

#SpiritualWork_ML #Pesach
Only redemption from exile makes the previous exile feel bitter.
Before redemption, one cannot tell how bitter exile is.
It’s because only Light gives the sensation/realization of #darkness. While there is no #Light, there is no attainment of darkness!

#SpiritualWork_ML #Pesach
#Pesach teaches us to feel the exile—from unity, and redemption is the opportunity to unite. #Separation reveals the sense of exile from unity, giving rise to a desire to be free from egoism’s/Pharaoh’s rule, to gain #freedom from egoism.

We experience ascent 620 times greater than descent.
One feels descent in his personal egoism.
During ascent, when we unite, we feel the common desire for mutual bestowal, the sum of efforts/pleas to the Creator. This amplifies the sensation of ascent 620-fold.
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