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You will head home with a healthy, rational and practical approach to life, personally and globally—an approach very much needed in today’s globally interdependent reality #WhyAttendAKabbalahConvention  …

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In the beginning, in Egypt/egoism, they felt it as good & hence didn’t feel like slaves. But Pharaoh dies – the greatness of the egoism in their eyes and they see themselves being ruled by it; they cry out & receive liberation & opportunity to unite.

#Spiritual work_ML #Passover
Whence will one get a desire to receive attainment prepared by the Creator (light)? By descending into the ego (Egypt/self-love), equal to the light prepared by the Creator. Then exit ego and receive the light- revelation of the Creator- bestowal/love

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“The fulfillment of the Commandments is possible only in the land of Israel.” Meaning that the fulfillment of the Commandments occurs by correcting the intention to bestow & love (Israel/Yashar-El/stratight to the Creator) in every desire (razon/eretz/earth).

#Spiritual work_ML #Passover
Midrash Tanhuma: Fearing the Creator, yet working for Pharaoh don’t allow to exit Egypt. They follow commandments for self. Beware, they seem to work for the Creator, but serve the Pharaoh/ego. Their society is dangerous for wishing to exit the #ego.

All problems in the world are to push us to unite. Jews quickly evolved using Kabbalah, but stopped at learning the properties of bestowal & love. They started to mingle with their ego, which divided people into 2 camps & led to destruction of the 1st & 2nd Temples.

#Spiritual work_ML #Passover
In the group, all have one goal: reveal the Creator in the center of unity via similarity of forms, ours and His. We relate to Him with our intention. As soon as we connect with it, He is immediately revealed. This is called the birth of the #soul.

I always direct myself аt the Creator- cause of everything happening to me; but between us I see this world presenting me with problems. I need to imagine this world as a reflection of my inner properties. Through the perception of #reality, I see myself in it.

The #world I see should be found within as my internal properties. Imagine within yourself all the phenomena in the world – if I try to correct my attitude towards them, i.e. change my desire to bestowal – then I’ll be like the Creator & achieve adhesion with #Him

There are 613 Commandments; each contains the light of its degree in relation to the 613 parts of the soul. So, in fulfillment of the Commandment, the light is attracted to the part of the soul related to it (#Rabash Vol1 “The Importance of the Prayer of Many”)

Trump’s uncanny politics could be defusing the atomic regime that threatens the world. #trump #nuclearweapons #NuclearPower
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