Separation Is The Source Of All Problems

laitman_559If I try to solve my problems alone through my personal introspection and studies, then I only cause myself harm! In fact, all clarifications and breakages are associated with the fact that all desires were merged together, but became separated.

So we need to act only through our connection. There is no other solution other than our unity. Through unity, we can fix any situation.

Instead of personal scrutiny, we need to engage in our unification, and by doing that, we will solve all problems. If I try to correct my personal unpleasant inner sensation, I only worsen the condition. As it is said, one who asks for himself brings harm to all and to himself.

All states are the result of the revelation of information reminiscences (Reshimot) from the breakage, from the separation of our desires from each other. This gap is the cause of all problems. Now that you are shown where the separation is, you feel it as a problem.

So please correct it by starting to act toward unity. This requires praying for everyone else and connection in the ten with the help of the Light that reforms.

The problem needs to be corrected immediately by transferring it to our unification, which is called executing the commandment. I use disturbances for our connection in the group—meaning that through the group, I find the place of separation between us, and I draw strength, which will help me to achieve correction, connection.

The whole process is called the commandment—that is, the correction of one of the broken Reshimot (the informational record of the separation). This commandment must be fulfilled by correction with the help of the Light that reforms, the force that opens within our unity, in our efforts to unite.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/8/18, Lesson on Topic: “Living in the Reality that, ‘There Is None Else Besides Him’”

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