My Thoughts On Twitter, 1/27/18


-If we don’t clearly sense the Creator, does the ego control us?
-The Creator controls us thru the #ego #MotivationalQuotes #qoutes

– Who controls whom, and how?
– The Creator controls man, and #man controls the Creator.

-Don’t you think the #ego cannot be defeated at this stage of human development?
– The ego needn’t be defeated, but partnered with. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. #Wisdom #life

Mike #Pence declared a messianic worldview the foundation for international relations, law & the planet’s future. Isaiah the prophet says “And the nations shall raise the sons of Israel on their shoulders and elevate them to the Creator’s mountain and all shall know the Creator”

Davos is a vanity fair! The ego, which is our nature, compels us to extract profit everywhere and from everything, up to demise of mankind. When Davos meets next years, the masses will fall even lower in quality of life, but there’ll be more billionaires! #WEF18 #Davos @business

DOE: In the last 20 years, popularity of virtual schools in the US grew 10x. #Generation_Z write and read a lot, speak little, like quiet & information. Firm virt. control over students. Free education. Good test scores. Enough time for sports. Can live in cheap area.#Education

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From Twitter, 1/27/18

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