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#WEF18 in #Davos. World in a downward spiral. Quality of life, education, security falling everywhere… And the rich & powerful are gathering to report how much more money they made. The ego cannot distribute, it rules us mercilessly, and must therefore be corrected!

The Creator sends us disturbances not to battle them, since “there’s no villain in the king’s palace,” but to cling more to the Creator, like how Rabbi Akiva saved himself in the storm by grabbing a log and lowering his head before each wave—canceling himself to the Creator. #God

By accepting disturbances as coming from the Creator, I must agree with them despite feelings and reason—thus I raise them to the next level of the spiritual ladder, and they change, receiving the ability to absorb higher fulfillments, closer to the Creator. Thus, my #soul grows.

Spiritual work means agreeing with everything coming from the Creator, and clinging to Him up to total adhesion. I perceive evil with my #ego. I’m sent to it by the Creator, and I agree with Him above sensation and reason—so I raise them to a higher level = #spiritual ascent.

A Kabbalist differs from others in that a Kabbalist works on developing his #soul, so he relates to the Creator’s pressure on his ego as help. For instance, he sees suffering as help to disconnect from the ego and turn to the Creator. This is called suffering out of #love.

#Torah: 5780 years ago man first revealed the Upper World, thru his similarity to the Creator, and was thus called “Similar”–ADAM. Those who don’t attain the Upper World are on the animate level. The Torah speaks of spiritual degrees, and not our physical world. #Kabbalah

#Freewill_ML The only solution to all problems is in strengthening connection in a group. Uncorrected states are revealed for us to correct the breaking through our unity, bringing ourselves to the unified form of ADAM, as before the sin, by revealing the one Creator within.

#Spiritualwork_ML Currently, my thoughts and feelings are “to receive.” This is what the Creator gave me. Kabbalah helps me reload thoughts and feelings from the Creator so that they are “to bestow.” I then achieve equivalence of form with the Creator and reveal Him.

#Spiritualwork_ML At the spiritual world’s entrance, the ego disappears, one feels a lack of strength. But if he decides to stay, that being on the path IS the reward, a prayer is born and he enters the spiritual world, for he demands nothing, and exertion is itself the reward.

#Kabbalist_advice How is the Light revealed to man? One corrects one’s egoistic qualities to the quality of love and bestowal, and discovers he was always in the Light. There’s nothing but Light. Only he didn’t perceive the Light, being opposite to the Light with his qualities.

#Kabbalahwisdom_ML Understanding Torah means picturing not people, but egoistic desires. The Torah shows the path to resemble the Creator, His revelation. It is called Kabbalah. The desire to reveal the Torah is called the point in the heart. Revelation is through group exertion.

#Spiritualwork_ML The world seems threatening, for we see our egoistic nature vs. white light. If we resemble the light of unity, we’ll see not us, but the light. See the world as the Creator’s will to reveal Himself. He’s ready to help. Evil indicates our dissimilarity to Him.

From Twitter, 1/24/18

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