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#Spiritualwork_ML Fear is necessary! It pushes me! I cannot be rid of it! I can only replace egoistic #fear to altruistic: the fear of not bestowing contentment to the Creator (Yira’a). Only then will fear for myself disappear. Thus the Creator compels us to escape the ego.

#Creator evokes in me a picture of a corrupted world. I ask for correction. The Creator corrects my qualities to those similar to His. I see He fills the whole world. Then he reveals in me a new corrupted quality and once more I see a dark world… Thus I attain #Creator’s_Work

#PROGNOSES_ML 2013: In the future, he who carries out integral education among the people will lead. Thus the state will come to equivalence with nature and enter a sphere of congruence with its forces. #leadership #politics #Educational

#Spiritualwork_ML The Creator made the end state, & from it builds the initial one & each step toward the end goal. Each state is determined by the end one that we must attain. Thus we must regard everything, by exerting in “faith above reason”–the end state above the present.

#Creator’s_Revelation. We have no contact w/ upper force. What is revealed is called “Creator” (Bore) from words Bo-Re – “come and see.” As a result of exerting to unite in a group, we build the form Bo-Re inside us–and attain it. That is, the entire spiritual work is btwn us.

#Attaining_reality. There’s no outside world. We have 4 levels of desires: still, vegetative, animate, human. We sense them against the background of white light (Creator). Kabbalah teaches us to grow closer by the intention to “bestow” w/ the white light till we dissolve in Him

The #Creator stirs us toward development. If we don’t follow, it reverses. If Poland’s Jews had listened to Baal HaSulam and moved to Israel they would’ve survived. If Israeli govt were to institute his educational method we’d be celebrating the 70th anniversary in a new country.

#Kabbalah Our nature is the will to enjoy. The intention (for myself = #ego, for others = altruism) depends on the person. Changing the intention is #spiritual_advancement. This is the work. Don’t confuse it with physical actions where the intention (for me/you) isn’t changed.

Last Friday I had a warm meeting with the new students from the Kabbalah L’Am academy who came in from many cities throughout Israel. I discovered a new level of readiness. I liked their serious, high-level questions. Good luck, my dears! Together! #kabbalah #Israel

Worlds exist if one creates them from corrected desires. A spiritual degree is revealed: pure & impure worlds of ABYA, and the soul inside them. The worlds surround the soul, sustain it, form an environment. The impure worlds pertain to the Creator, stirring us toward correction.

#Truth. One sees the world through one’s qualities. As qualities change so does the world. One sees one’s reflected qualities in everything around. Escaping this is only by the quality of bestowal. “Don’t judge others ’til you’ve walked in their shoes”-otherwise you see yourself

As soon as the 10 makes a connection- minimal equivalence to the upper light, it is revealed in this #connection. The Creator is revealed in it. There’s no other way! And the Creator’s concealment is felt in the 10, in the absence of connection, as preparation for a new state.

On the way to revealing the Upper World/Creator, many problems arise–so as to fathom the qualities of love/bestowal from the ego’s qualities. It is a science: #Kabbalah. Learning spiritual ascents via descents: “there was evening, & there was morning,” understanding & attainment

From Twitter, 1/21/18

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