Answers To Your Questions, Part 198

laitman_622.01Question: Rabash’s articles about work in a group seem like psychological, ethical advice. What is the role of these articles? Is this advice necessary for attracting the upper Light or is it simply to establish order in the group?

Answer: Rabash’s articles include all the states a person goes through on the way to discovering the Creator.

Question: Today I didn’t have the energy to get up for the lesson. I feel this as disloyalty to my group of ten and the thought of an endless day that I have to spend in an animal state is unbearable. We are so committed to work this week before the convention. How can we prevent something like this from happening in the future and what can be done now? Why does the Creator give us these kinds of situations?

Answer: All of the situations that a person goes through originate from the Creator and it is up to you to accept them as conditions for movement toward Him.

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