We Are Afraid Of War

laitman_766.3Remark: According to many interviews and published articles, the world is at the brink of a looming world war…

My Comment: North Korea claims that the end of the world will begin with it: if something happens to us, then bear in mind, the same will happen to the world.

Of course they have little strength for this, but they do have the desire.

Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Il is an intelligent person. He understands that he has many military leaders behind him, and the military industrial complex of North Korea, incidentally, is not bad.

I think that he needs this only in order to bring attention to himself, to his persona, to his nation, to his country. And he is doing it well. We must admit that the way all Western media write about him, it would cost so many millions of dollars to get them to print anything about him at all! And so, he shoots one rocket that flies over Saudi Arabia and what a resounding around the world!

So, I consider him a very good PR man.

Question: What is the purpose, according to the upper plan, of such points in the world as North Korea?

Answer: To pull strings.

It is very simple. The Creator needs to pull the strings of humanity’s egoism, strike a blow to our arrogance, so that no one raises his nose above his head. It needs to be shown to us, demonstrated to us, what we really are.

Look how completely out of control the mass media is today—what they are doing with the world, how they distort everything. They have the gall to take it upon themselves to define what is good, what is bad, and to shape the opinions and the consciousness of society.

Question: And what is the upper goal in all this?

Answer: So that in the end, when all this escalates beyond all boundaries and even to complete irrationality and meaninglessness, then the entire worthlessness of humanity’s consciousness, nature, and arrogance will be revealed.

Mass media!—What a name! But in the end, it will devour itself. And as a result humanity will profit; it will finally realize that, in itself, it can produce only falsehood.

Through this process people will acquire very powerful means for the correct kind of progress.

Question: In other words, I begin to realize that everything is a complete lie: that which I say, that which everyone else says; what’s going to happen to me then?

Answer: The realization that the entire world is compromised. We simply don’t know how to exist, what to do next. In other words, awareness of evil will be realized in full.

Question: And you call this point “good”?

Answer: Of course. From the realization of evil one can begin to build the good.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 11/6/17

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