A True Request To The Creator

laitman_239It seems to us that a request to the Creator is a means for correcting the Kli, the vessel of the soul, while as a result of our work, we begin to feel that the request to the Creator is the Kli itself and not a means of correcting it.

And if my appeal to the Creator, the desire that I raise toward Him, is true, constant, and growing in its incessant aspiration to Him, then I will feel this request as a complete correction.

What are the corrections? It is the raising of the desire, not the answer to the prayer to fulfill it. Raising the desire to the Creator is already the end of the work. Thus, I express my attitude toward Him. Do I receive something from Him? It may be that I do not get anything. And what should I receive if I turn to Him? Only my appeal to the Creator is already in itself—everything. I do not need anything else.

If I do not stay in the Kli that receives for itself, then I want to have only a request to the Creator. And if in response I do not hear, do not understand, do not feel, and do not see anything, you are welcome; it is even better! And then in my striving, in the power of bestowal, I feel how similar I am to the Creator.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/5/17, “Work with Disturbances,”

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