Spiritual Blindness And Deafness

laitman_276.02Question: What is spiritual blindness and deafness? Such phenomena also exist in our world.

Answer: There are no such phenomena in our world. Here everyone is spiritually blind and deaf.

Question: Is the fact that there are blind and deaf people in our world a consequence of spiritual roots?

Answer: Yes, the person who cannot hear has a problem with this in the upper world as well. It descended to him from there. It is the same with blindness.

How to correct this? Rise to the upper world, and as you move toward it you will see that instead of corporeal correction of blindness and deafness, you receive spiritual correction. The quality of Bina is called hearing and the quality of Hochma, the Light of wisdom, is sight.

In other words, once you attain the quality of Bina, you begin hearing, and once you attain the quality of Hochma, you begin seeing. Therefore, according to the level of their attainment the prophets wrote “I saw” or “I heard.”

Question: A person can hear in the range from twenty kilohertz. Is spirituality everything that is below and above twenty kilohertz? Can we call spirituality everything that is outside of our sensory organs?

Answer: No. You want to draw a clear parallel between our qualities and their various changes throughout life and everything that happens to the upper root. However, there is no direct interconnection.

In our world, we are animals. There is a resemblance in the way this animal was created. Yet, the way it develops and everything that happens to it is completely unrelated to the control of the upper forces.

Question: But the same nature or the Creator determined that a person must hear in a certain range, no more and no less. Is there a spiritual root to this? Does a person in the spiritual world also hear within some limited range?

Answer: This depends on a person’s level, on which of the 125 spiritual degrees he is. His sight, hearing, smell, and touch, all his five spiritual sensory organs, are interconnected and develop in complete harmony.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/9/17

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