Evil Is The Foundation Of The World

Laitman_115.05Question from Facebook: How do Kabbalists affect our world? Can they eradicate evil?

Answer: Absolutely not! Evil cannot be eradicated. We should have learned that from the thousands of years of our history. Annihilation of evil is impossible!

Evil is the foundation of the world. As it is written in the Bible: “I created the evil inclination, I have created the Torah as a spice,” not as elimination. Spice means that the evil remains, but we learn how to work with it correctly. That is what the science of Kabbalah is all about.

Question: You say: “Evil remains.” And so this always presents a hardship for a person?

Answer: Undoubtedly! What can you do? We have no other choice, we have to learn to work with evil. We have to understand it, respect it, and properly treat it as the Pharaoh (evil is Pharaoh): politely, with utmost courtesy, for it is only because of the evil that we are able to climb the ladder of more and more good.

Evil is the stimulus, the stage, over which we can constantly rise. On each level it is revealed in us even more, while we keep rising above it to goodness. Therefore, it is evil that advances us toward the good. The evil angel becomes the good one.

If not for evil, we would not be able to advance at all. Evil remains in all its glory, but we envelope it in a very good wrapping: goodness. It makes a wonderful “dish”: evil inside, goodness outside.

For we know, that every dish needs pepper added to it, salt, and something spicy. Even for children’s pastries cognac is added. Without it you cannot achieve the correct taste. Therefore, you have to taste some evil, but only for the purpose of elevating the good.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/2/17

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