Different Roots Of Unity

laitman_293Remark: If you look at economic statistics, then society is completely at a dead end, and the answer to this is likely to be fascism. We see what is happening in the world, and we understand that in fact everything is going in a very bad direction.

My Comment: Fascism is also connection between people, but it is egoistic, not altruistic. Kabbalists call it reverse reflection. Naturally, the development in our world will lead to it.

Question: During the last twenty years the situation in the world has not improved; it is worsening on all economic parameters. What is missing for changes to take place?

Answer: We do not convey enough information to all sectors of society, not just about the state of society, but what we should come to, and why it should be so from the perspective of nature, or the Creator, which is the same.

The word “Creator” is intended for religious people, and “nature” is for the non-religious people. But, technically, people should understand that it is the same, and everyone should come to this.

As for fascists, they, among other things, also hoped to find an upper sphere as well, they looked for their higher roots in the Himalayas. They felt that unity was at the heart of the right society. But what kind of unity? They indulged their natural egoism.

Remark: They thought that if they pulled this force, they could conquer the whole world.

My Comment: Yes. But for what? They were looking for the roots: Where is the upper force that can be reached by putting the whole world at their feet. That is, egoism is a very broad ideology, which has its roots.

Question: Is unity a core of law inside of which we all are?

Answer: Of course. Only in this case, it is absolutely the opposite of Kabbalah, but this is how it reveals itself. Therefore, fascism is ahead.

Remark: But we hope that we can somehow prevent it.

My Comment: For this we need to do what Kabbalah teaches us.

Remark: We talked about this five to seven years ago, and today we can already clearly see how this starts to close in on humanity. But the society is exactly where it was before.

My Comment: Because we are given the time and opportunity to try to advance not in a fascist way, but in a Kabbalistic way.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 7/31/17

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