Tragedy In Las Vegas

Laitman_200.03Question: What are your thoughts about the terrifying events that shook American society as yesterday’s shooting rampage in Las Vegas? A CBS news executive wasn’t embarrassed to write on her Facebook page that she was not “sympathetic” to the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. 

“I’m actually not even sympathetic [because] country music fans often are Republican gun toters,” former executive Hayley Geftman-Gold wrote (The Hill).

Answer: It’s telling that such examples of behavior are coming specifically from the side of the so-called “liberals.” This shows what an upside-down world we are living in, according to definitions.

The so-called “liberals,” “democrats,” and “socialists” are in reality the biggest Nazis and people-haters who are not concerned with anything other than the celebration of their own ideas. In the past this wasn’t called liberalism, it was called something completely different.

I grieve for all the victims of this horrible crime and empathize with the pain of their families and friends. Unfortunately, I can only repeat that everything depends on our unity, only this can bring peace to American society, a society which today represents modern Babylon and consists of representatives of all the nations of the world.

As at one time Abraham wanted to unite all of ancient Babylon on the basis of love that would cover all transgressions, so it is in modern America—unity is the only answer. In essence, this is exactly what Trump was talking about, promising to make of Americans one united nation. But, unfortunately, this promise is, as yet, only words.
From the Lesson “Mutual Guarantee,” 10/3/2017

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