Honor In The Society Of The Future

laitman_268.01Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: Their courts are busy primarily with awarding accolades marking the level of each person’s distinction in bestowal upon others.

He who bestows more upon society will receive a higher decoration.

Baal HaSulam speaks about the fact that the courts will not punish, but encourage. It will become their main function. A person will be engaged in bestowal, and the courts will reward him with their attention and the marks of distinction in proportion to his ability to positively influence society.

There is not a person without a medal on the sleeve, and it is a great offense to call a person not by one’s title of honor. It is also a great offense for a person to forgive such an insult to one’s title. 

Question: Such a notion of courts is a complete revolution in the mind of a person. Will the courts issue marks of distinction? The court must judge?

Answer: No, this is an incorrect interpretation of the word “court.”

The court is an opportunity to place a person in his place in the spiritual hierarchy from zero to the 125th degree of equivalence with the Creator. Therefore, there cannot be any disagreements. Courts must both encourage and punish. However, in principle, we are talking about a corrected society where “it is a great offense to call a person not by one’s title of honor.”

Question: If the motivation of a person living in the last generation is to feel closeness to the Creator, to become like His qualities, then is it possible that precisely the respect that he receives from society will become his “fuel” instead of adhesion with the Creator?

Answer: No, this is impossible because the society itself will direct his intention, his movement toward greater and greater adhesion with his environment. After all, exactly this will be evaluated by judges and society.

Question: Don’t these titles, honor, and respect fill his egoism?

Answer: No, here it is immediately obvious what fulfills him: the selfless bestowal to society or not.

On the contrary, for him, this is an opportunity to rise even higher above the feeling of being respected that he receives. Even the epithets addressed to him and praising him will be intended not for him personally, but for propaganda for society of the greatness of such people in the society.

It is not the person who needs this, but society needs his encouragement in order to show an example to others. Society looks at him with “white envy,” and this is good. And he is filled with such pride in front of everyone precisely in order to attract people to the qualities of bestowal and love. He has no concerns about himself, as if he does not have a body or it is not his. He acts if required, and he does not act if there is no need.

His joy is that he can be an example to others in order to bring them closer to this work. Everything happens only in the quality of bestowal.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/12/17

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