Why Do Kabbalists Recommend Establishing Families?

laitman_626Question: Kabbalists recommend establishing families. How and why does this influence a person’s spiritual development?

Answer: It could be that in our times this is no longer as relevant as it was in the past. But in principle, the conditions for establishing a family are not derived from material needs that change in each and every generation and especially now, but from the fact that it is because within the framework of life in the family unit in our world, we must become similar to the upper world.

In the upper world, there is always a connection between opposites that are embedded within the physical world as a masculine part and a feminine part. Therefore, there is a requirement for male Kabbalists to marry.

In all times, women wanted to marry while men didn’t always want this. In our time, everything is the opposite. It could be that the men agree to marry, especially since the wisdom of Kabbalah obligates them, while women no longer want to establish families because they believe that it is not imperative for them. Therefore, the problem nevertheless exists.

I relate to this subject simply: If you want to marry, get married, and if you don’t want to, then don’t marry. But if you marry, then choose a partner who will help you in attaining the higher goal.
From a Kabbalah Lesson in  Russian 5/21/17

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