What Is Nature Leading Us To?

laitman_546_04Comment: The concept of “work” comprises more than half a person’s life. He begins to prepare for it from a young age: studying in school, in university, thinking about what to be. But now all of this has ended; an unexpected turning point has appeared.

My Response: Our generation is now in a very interesting state in which the work that created a person that actually determines all of his personal, family, social, and political, and even planetary life, has suddenly begun to lose its importance.

A person is no longer included in the concept of work, an idea that is contrary to Darwin’s theory. He believed that labor is what built the human from the ape.

Moreover, Karl Marx’s theory that we would achieve the victory of socialist labor where each would receive according to his needs and give according to his ability from his own freewill, doesn’t work either because today nothing is required of people.

We travel all over the world today in search of work. This has been going on for quite some time. So, the concept of work has changed. Therefore, the approach where a person would choose an occupation according to his heart’s desire, providing him with material satisfaction and social status, has completely disappeared. It is interesting that art has also disappeared. After all, literature, music, poetry, movies, and theater are also work that are gradually changing their goals and definitions in our daily lives.

The desires, intentions, and goals of humanity are changing. So everything that can be conveyed from one person to another no longer has importance to him. If someone writes something, from the start it has no interest for me.

Our ego has begun to ascend higher. It wants higher and more meaningful sensations. If you are already alive, then life will certainly be good. Emotional novels and tear-jerking soap operas, which are abundant on our television, have become less important because the desire for them is gradually disappearing.

So what will be left for a person then? Nothing! The bare meaning of life cannot be found in literature, art, music, music or anything, not even technology.

People will create robots to work for humanity. And what will be next? There will be no work, there will be nothing to do, and nobody will compel you to do anything. Inventing something artificial will only cause pollution of the atmosphere and the earth.

Question: Where is nature pushing us to? Is it to where all people will sit and begin to think about the meaning of life?

Answer: No. The meaning of life is not achieved by sitting and thinking, but by building a feeling of inner connection between us, within which we begin to feel completely different dimensions, a new world, and another new world, and so on, higher and higher.

A spiritual world is not a three-dimensional space like our world. There is no flow of time. We will go beyond the speed of light, beyond mental and personal communication between us and will rise to completely different methods of communication.

The connection between us will become completely different, it will be on an internal level which has no connection to neurons of the brain or nerve cells. We will be one single body. To our physical bodies will be added a mental, spiritual connection between us, and we will begin to exit to another world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/18/16

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