Why Hasn’t Esperanto Caught On?

Laitman_036Question: Why do you think Esperanto hasn’t caught on as an international language?

Answer: Esperanto is an artificial language people invented in order to provide a minimal vocabulary for all people. But people don’t need to be communicate with each other. They are egoists.

Therefore, Esperanto, which in a certain sense is an altruistic language, has not caught on, whereas English, being a purely egoistic language, has, and we all use it whether we like it or not.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/24/16

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  1. I don’t think it is true to say that Esperanto has not caught on. Esperanto hasn’t yet gained the recognition it deserves. However, all things considered, it has actually done amazingly well. In exactly 130 years, it has managed to grow from a drawing-board project with just one speaker in one country to a complete and living natural language with probably a couple of million speakers in over 120 countries and a rich literature and cosmopolitan culture, with little or no official backing and even bouts of persecution.

    In the summer some 1,200 Esperanto speakers from 60 countries will come together in Seoul, South Korea in what might be seen as the parliament of a dispersed speaker population.

    I have found Esperanto of a lot of use when travelling on my own, to get my bearings within a country. Esperanto may not be perfect, but I’ve used it successfully in Africa, South America and Europe, and it does the job, serving as a unique common language on my travels in, for example, Armenia and Bulgaria.

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