Education – The Solution To All Problems

laitman_552_02Question: The year 2016 was a year of European fragmentation and division. How can Europe be united correctly?

Answer: This is not fragmentation and division, but the discovery of what has always existed in Europe; it has remained as it always was.

It is possible to unite it only through education! This is the only thing that the world needs. The biggest and only problem of the world is the education of people! But nobody has ever dealt with this!

This is because education represents an approach toward understanding and the possibility of loving others and connecting with them, even though according to our nature, we don’t love each other. The wisdom of Kabbalah shows us how to carry this out in spite of everything. A person must become an Adam (Man) , understanding the system of nature he exists in.

This is a closed integral system that constantly develops, changes, and moves forward! Today, we are on the threshold of very serious changes: both in human society and in the nature of the environment. Let’s discover and learn how to carry out what depends on us. It all depends only on the person!

Question: In other words, would you want to add a profession in a school that studies and teaches about the inner world of a person, about his situation?

Answer: Not only his inner world but also the outer world. I want to give a person an understanding of the world in which he is living!

Comment: But even today he gets that in school when he studies the natural sciences.

My Response: I don’t see that anyone knows about the system he exists in, including the media. If politicians and public figures, no matter who, were to understand the world they are living in, would they behave the way they do?! They are so short-sighted that on their own they will ultimately destroy everything for themselves.

Question: But there was a similar attempt; Karl Marx wrote an excellent book Das Kapital. But it was implemented and distorted so much that the essential idea of fighting poverty was transformed into a struggle against wealth. We know what the result of that was. Where is the guarantee that something similar will not happen in the future?

Answer: Marx was a genius in his own way; I have no argument about that. He understood everything except for one thing: that people needed to be educated for this.

Even though this also appears here and there in his writings, it is just not in a clear and distinct form. He was lacking an emphasis on this. In order to change society, a person must be educated.

Therefore his expectation that capitalism would annihilate itself was his predictive genius. Indeed everything is happening this way in our time. Today we see that even though there has been no effort to disguise this for the past 50 years, capitalism has exhausted itself!

The problem is what is next? And here it is truly necessary to work according to Marx, but it is not possible to bring humanity to a socialist regime or even a communist one about which he spoke.

We need to realize this, but only through education, with the help of the unique energy that exists in nature! Then we can change human nature, because otherwise we will not get rid of the ego, it will devour us.
From the Webinar 12/26/16

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