Only The Desire Is Important

laitman_527Question: Is the advancement of a student accelerated by constantly asking for clarification of questions that interest him but he doesn’t understand?

Answer: No! This doesn’t indicate anything. There are idiots that constantly ask questions because from their point of view it is necessary to know exactly how, what, and from where, and there are those who are the opposite, who are quiet all the time. You literally shake them up so that they will say something, but they are silent.

There is no significance to the style in which a student learns. Some write down every word, others look at the ceiling as if they don’t hear anything. It doesn’t matter! What is important is only that a student wants to learn something from me and then according to the degree of his desire, I take his point in the heart, his small Kli (vessel), and begin to fill it.

So, I have patience, and I don’t get tired. I am ready every day to do this and am afraid to miss a day. If I fly abroad, I try to have  a lesson to save the day. I count my days according to those hours in which I teach.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/7/16

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  1. The more I attended the Morning Lesson the less questions I’ve asked, as of now I am not asking any questions on the blog or Kab.TV just anxious to attend.

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