Why Would The Creator Create An Unjust World?

Laitman_630_1Question: Why has the Creator, who is just and who wants to give us pleasure, created an unjust world where people suffer throughout history because of their egoism, which was also created by the Creator? How can we explain the fact that instead of pleasure there have been only wars, pain, and suffering for thousands of years?

Answer: It is impossible to bring man who is an egoist to the right altruistic intention without such shocks.

A person was created egoistically so as not to invoke the mutual destruction of pleasure and of the desire. If I eat something tasty, for example, I enjoy the taste and then after a while the taste becomes duller. I will cease to feel pleasure and the desire is exhausted and disappears because it is gradually filled by the pleasure.

How can we reach a state in which the desire keeps growing and accordingly the pleasure is felt increasingly more strongly?

In order to do so we have to create a certain device, like a resistor between a plus and minus, which will not enable the desire and the pleasure to connect directly and thus create a short circuit but which will process both the desire and the pleasure into a special energy.

This internal device is called a soul.

The ego, which the Creator develops in us, is the minus. The Upper Light, which we feel as pleasure, which also comes from the Creator, is the plus. And between them is the soul—that is us.


This is how we operate. So we have to do our best in order to feel the ego that appears in us as negative and the Light as positive.

When we feel the gap between them and want them to exist together, we will be able to develop the state called soul inside us, the middle line, that we build and create ourselves.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/28/16

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