The Law Of Purification Of Egoism

laitman_558Torah, Deuteronomy 14:21: You shall not cook a kid in its mother’s milk.

It is impossible to begin the correction if there is not the proper separation of the right and left line. Milk represents the right line and meat or blood, the left line. Therefore, meat and dairy meals should be consumed separately with a certain time interval between them in order to allow distance between them: from meat to dairy and from dairy to meat. It is forbidden to consume them together or to consume animal blood in any form.

These laws of purification of human egoism are explained on the basis of external material since it is impossible to explain anything to anyone on the basis of internal sensations. They are clear only to those who understand the conformity of the external signs to his internal spiritual, moral, sensory structure, to the desires. And those who don’t understand, perceive fish, meat, milk, and the laws of kashrut only from the gastronomic point of view.

For anyone who understands what is being said, all this gastronomy is an internal one. He must carve himself internally to dairy, meat, fish, fowl, and other desires, in other words to still, vegetative, animate, and human levels. Salt, water and even some types of edible soil belong to the still level.

Dairy qualities in me are the qualities of bestowal, and kid is an animal, the left line, the quality of reception. Therefore, it is said, “You shall not cook a kid in its mother’s milk,” meaning don’t connect the right and left line together, otherwise you connect plus and minus and it causes a short circuit.

Question: How does the middle line appear?

Answer: When you want to direct both lines to the benefit of others outside of you they connect through bestowal from each line, yet not within you, but in the receiver, because you give this benefit to the third line.

The receiver doesn’t feel both lines together, but senses them only as bestowal. When you give from yourself, bestowal apparently loses its initial qualities. It doesn’t matter from which line it comes, from your right or left line, in the receiver it is felt exactly this way. Hence, you can give from both lines.

This is a very interesting quality. We study what happens in the third line as a dressing of one on another through the example of mutual influence of the spiritual systems Aba ve Ima (father and mother). Although father gives the quality of Hochma and mother the quality of Bina and they are opposite to each other like meat and dairy, together they connect in the bottom part (Zeir Anpin) and dress on one another in it.

Is it possible to add milk to the meat and meat to the milk? They connect in the third where they simultaneously are fully realized in their entire oppositeness.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/27/16

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  1. Why did Abraham serve his three visitors, the men who would destroy Sodom, cheese(dairy) and meat(beef/veal)?

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