Maturation Of Men

Laitman_036In the News (The Telegraph): “Men finally grow up at the age of 43 – a full 11 years after women ‘mature’, according to a new survey.

“A study into the differences in maturity between genders revealed both men and women agree men remain ‘immature’ well into their late 30s and early 40s.

“But the average age at which women mature emerged as 32.

“Alarmingly, eight out of ten women believe that men ‘never stop being childish’…”

My Comment: During my childhood when I looked at the girls in my class, I was surprised at how early they matured in their thinking and their outlook on life. I felt that I was still far from them. I was very interested in understanding the enormous difference that exists between boys and girls. Girls have an attitude toward life like little women, whereas boys are only interested in soccer, volleyball, etc. Males’ development occurs much later, if ever.

Today it is difficult for a woman to find a partner and marry a man who will provide her with a feeling of support. She wants a man by her side who will give her a feeling of support, psychological support more than physical, because in the modern world a woman can provide everything for herself materially, but simple psychological support is imperative for her. Unfortunately, men do not receive the appropriate training for this.

Question: Why is the maturity of men in our day so impeded?

Answer: It is because we are living much longer, our lives don’t require us to mature. A man can remain in his parents’ home all his life, do any kind of work for a salary, and live with peace of mind. Everything is ready for him, electrical appliances and prepared food; he doesn’t need anything more than this.

I don’t think the age of 40 is the line at which he becomes a man. I see that today even men at the age of 50-60 are still children. They don’t want to take on any responsibility, shoulder any burdens, or work for the family.

A woman is ready to take responsibility for the sake of a family and children. A man is not ready even for that.

We must educate a person to be a spiritual person so that he will understand that he has a higher goal and must create a particular environment around him for this. He needs to understand why he exists and how to build himself.

If we begin to educate him this way, he will begin to mature at the age of 15-20, and toward the age of 20, he will have already been shaped into a man.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/5/16

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