Marx’s Predictions Come True, Part 7

Laitman_115_06Question: What is the difference between today’s crisis and the Tower of Babel that was also explosion of egoism?

Answer: The shattering in ancient Babylon happened due to the crisis of egoism that divided the society into many parts and tribes. Abraham also appealed to equality, like Marx and Baal HaSulam.

But it wasn’t the manifestation of the final egoism; therefore, people had a solution. They just decided to disperse to the four corners of the world as the Torah describes.

Today’s crisis is on a completely different level, although its principle is the same. Everyone understands that there is no solution to the crisis: we have nowhere to disperse, and we can’t return to the old industry. It is impossible to change the obsolete system to a new egoistic one the way it happened when slavery was replaced by feudalism and then capitalism.

There is nothing left to change; we have exhausted all the possibilities. Our egoism. as a result of its work, devastated humanity, drove it to despair, fooled it, and divided into the “prosperous elite” and the “masses.” But the elite, in fact, have nothing. If the financial bubble bursts, everybody will be left with nothing.

The elite must understand that if it comes to the explosion, we will find ourselves in an absolute desert. All life will stop; no one will be able to make any economic connections or deals with others. Banks and investment companies that play this game are bringing the world to the final line.

Why hasn’t the financial bubble burst yet? Why are China and Russia buying US government bonds? Why does everyone agree with its debt? It’s due to the fact that if the dollar system collapses, all world trade and production will freeze. We’ll have nothing to eat tomorrow. There won’t be anything to buy in any store; everything will stop: no one will bring, receive, and deliver goods to others.

We are in a very difficult situation. Therefore, it is no accident that people build warehouses with food and bunkers where they can hide for several years in case of war. After all, in the worst case scenario, we may be left with nothing.

We won’t be able to go back to the “gold standard” (when currency is pegged to gold) due to the sprawling structure of the connections that rose after its cancellation.

Even the negative development stops, because egoism has nowhere to grow. Everything freezes. After all, egoism needs fuel in order to develop, but it has completely burned out. Egoism will be able to continue developing only if we will develop a positive force in parallel with its growth.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Current Situation In The World” 12/2/16

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