Marx’s Predictions Come True, Part 6

Laitman_120We can say that Karl Marx has reached a great height; he was as unique as Baal HaSulam, only not on the spiritual level. Marx was a man,who understood the process that is happening in the world and what kind of development awaits us.

He made drew conclusions according to the initial symptoms that manifested in his time on the basis of his research and statistics of textile factory workers.

He was an economist and versed in these matters. With the symptoms of the beginning of egoistic development at the dawn of the industrial revolution and the first mechanization with steam engines, when there wasn’t even electricity, he already knew where it would lead. He was a real economist compared with all other economists who only studied tricks that help to pump more dollars.

Marx felt the driving force of development because he understood that it comes from human egoism and that it could not lead to anything good. Therefore, it is preferable to move in the direction of equality. Baal HaSulam also said that the life of the last generation will be based on equality and universal integration.

Only Marx didn’t see it from the spiritual level like Baal HaSulam, but Marx drew his conclusions as an economist. He said that it is preferable not to continue economic development in the capitalist form, but it is better to start rebuilding society based on equality.

In fact, he didn’t believe that it would happen immediately. Judging by his work, he understood that first preparation and training are required to raise the consciousness of the proletariat to the next level. After all, in his time the workers were completely ignorant.

Today we finally begin to study what we were laughing at during the last hundred and fifty years. His contemporaries didn’t understand Marx. Thirty or forty years after him, the revisionists appeared who distorted Marx’s method in every possible way. Both Lenin and Stalin were also consequences of these mistakes.

Yet Marx’s Capital in itself is a prophecy of the economy. There is no doubt that during the current crisis it will get a new life. The only problem is with the stereotypes established against Marx and the identification of “Marxism” in its Soviet interpretation.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Current Situation In The World” 12/2/16

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